Japanese Kit Kat - Strawberry Flavor 5.14 Oz by N/A

Hersteller: Nestle

Marke: Nestlé

EAN: 4528461421104

Produktgruppe: Grocery

Produkttyp: GROCERY

Letzte Aktualisierung: 2019-07-16 10:44:45

Preis: 9,95 €
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  • Small strawberry pieces are kneaded in strawberry flavored biscuits, for a luxuriously flavored strawberry taste
  • [Please read "Notes" prior to consuming this product.] Please carefully read all allergy alerts and content details before purchasing. We assume NO responsibility whatever for any food allergy reactions or incidents resulting from the use of this product. * Food label follows the Japan Food Labeling Regulations
  • ** Allergies and other alerts ** [Mandatory display items used in this product] Wheat and Milk. [Recommended display items used in this product] Soy

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